Logos Honors Minor

Logos will change the way you think and the way you look at the world. With a challenging set of interdisciplinary seminars, Logos uses the great books of the Western tradition as a primary reading resource to hone your critical thinking, examine your beliefs and test your values.

In the process of exploring challenging subjects based on the major questions of human life, you'll build understanding, learn to express yourself, form connections with other Logos students and experience learning as an activity that happens on a communal level. Projects and workshops take students off campus for expanded study opportunities.

Course Requirements

Logos Honors Minor (20 Credits)

LIBA 110 Core Seminar I 4 credits
INTS 121 Nature and Human Nature 4 credits
LIBA 300 Core Seminar II 4 credits
INTS 221 God, Death and Transcendence 4 credits
LIBA 450 Core Seminar III 4 credits

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