Music Minor

The minor in music is intended for students with musical skills who do not wish to pursue careers in music. 

The music minor offers students the opportunity to explore music to enrich their studies and receive formal recognition on their diploma. The minor also makes music studies more accessible to students with already demanding majors, such as engineering. Students who have played with an ensemble regularly will likely only need 2 or 3 additional classes to complete the minor.

The minor in music allows students to dive into the theory, application, and practice of music alongside other students pursuing all kinds of majors across the university.

Why Grand View?

  • Our program aims to broaden, as well as deepen, students' understanding of the art of music.
  • Students at Grand View have a serious interest in music and participate in our undergraduate ensembles, studio and classroom instruction.
  • Music minors will pursue private instruction on their primary instrument while participating in the major ensemble, and begin to explore tonal music and sight-reading practices before diving into the history and culture of music.
Degree Fit
This program could be a good fit if you:
  • Passionate about music, performance or conducting.
  • Wish to deepen your knowledge of music through this minor, creating a vibrant and diverse cohort of students practicing and learning together.
Career Options

With this minor, you may become a/an:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Booking Agent
  • Concert Promoter
  • Retail Sales Management
  • Independent Radio Promoter
  • Entertainment Attorney
  • Business Manager
  • Music Supervisor
  • Music Business Consultant
  • Contractor
  • Record Company Executive
  • Label Manager
  • Director of Publicity
  • Publicist
  • Assistant Publicist
  • Artist Relations Representative
  • Promotional Staffer
  • Advertising Account Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Field Merchandiser
  • Consumer Researcher
  • Fundraiser
  • Music Publisher
  • Tour Coordinator
  • Road Manager
  • Tour Publicist
  • Sound Technician
Course Requirements

Music Minor (24 Credits)

MUSC 131 Music Theory I 4 credits
MUSC 132 Music Theory II 4 credits
MUSC 121, 122, or 221, or other approved ensemble Music minors are required to be enrolled in an ensemble (choir, kantorei, instrumental) every semester of residency and must accumulate a minimum of 4 semesters. 0 credits
Eight hours of applied music, including four hours of piano or satisfactory performance on the piano proficiency exam.
8 credits

Additional Courses (select 2)

MUSC 231 Theory and History of 17th and 18th Century Music 4 credits
MUSC 232 Theory and History of 19th Century Music 4 credits
MUSC 331 Theory and History of Medieval and Renaissance Music 4 credits
MUSC 332 Theory and History of 20th Century Music 4 credits

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