Professional Writing Certificate

Writing well and communicating effectively are critical skills that are in high demand. Whether you are writing a business proposal, fundraising letter, ad copy, feature story or blog, strong, persuasive writing is necessary to your future organization's success. Good writing is a skill that is highly prized in most organizational environments, from businesses to government agencies and nonprofits. With this 16-credit-hour certificate, you can stand out!

The Certificate in Professional Writing provides you with experience practicing and applying the writing process in professional contexts. You'll write for a variety of audiences and purposes, as well as develop skills of organization, development, and problem solving or critical thinking. The certificate will strengthen writing skills that are valued in the workplace, and with a growing demand for professionals highly skilled in communications, the additional experience may help set you apart in a competitive market.

Why Grand View?

  • Prepare a portfolio of diverse writing skills in addition to your resume
  • Craft well-written communications for a variety of professional settings tailored to the needs of diverse employers
  • Analyze and process large amounts of data into narrative form
Career Outlook
Because of the growing demand for highly skilled, professionally competent writers in business, industry, and government, the student with training in writing, speaking, editing, and communication skills has improved job opportunities. Often the individual who possesses such skills gets a job sooner and advances faster in any profession than someone without those skills.
Course Requirements

Requirements (16 credits)

ENGL 205 Technical Writing 3 credits
ENGL 309 Writing for Business 3 credits
ENGL 345 New Media 3 credits
ENGL 360 Advanced Composition 3 credits
ENGL 445 Grant Proposal Writing 3 credits
ENGL 471 Professional Writing Portfolio 1 credit
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