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Music Major

Grand View's music department will challenge you to take your love of music and transform it into a meaningful career in music. The power of music transcends time and place - we invite you to discover the possibilities at Grand View. From your first year, you can be involved in ensembles, take private lessons and challenge yourself while being part of a close knit community of musicians. We also offer the following majors: Church Music and Music Education.

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Why Grand View?

  • Personal attention from faculty who take a sincere interest in your success
  • Build a strong foundation in music in a collaborative environment, focusing on camaraderie over competition
  • Be part of the touring ensemble from year one
  • Experience a vibrant music scene both on campus and throughout the Des Moines community
Music Scholarships
The music department offers scholarships in voice, piano and instrumental music for qualified students (by audition only). Scholarships are awarded in amounts up to $4,000 and are renewable each year, provided the student continues in good standing in his or her music activities. Pro Musica Scholarships are available for music majors as well as non-majors. To be eligible, students must respond to the scholarship invitation as new students and be accepted for admission. Learn More
Career Options

Grand View's music program will prepare you for a music career in a variety of settings:

  • Church Music
  • Conducting
  • Event Coordinator
  • Music Composition / Arranging
  • Music Editor
  • Music Journalism
  • Music Librarian
  • Music Performance
  • Music Studio Teaching
  • Music Retail
  • Music Therapist
  • Piano Accompanying
  • Vocal Coaching

Careers in Music

Course Requirements

Prerequisites (12-13 credits)

These courses will not be counted in computing the GPA for the major.

HIST 104 The Medieval World 3 credits
HIST 105 The West in the Modern World 3 credits
MUSC 105 Music Appreciation 3 credits
 - German or French 3-4 credits

Requirements (47-48 credits)

MUSC 101 Performance Attendance (all music majors are required to attend a minimum of 10 concerts/performances each semester) 0 credits
MUSC 121 or other approved ensemble Grand View Choir or Kantorei or Wind Ensemble or Other Approved Ensemble (all music majors are required to be enrolled in ensemble every semester of residency and accumulate a minimum of 6 semesters) 0 credits

12 credit hours in a single applied area

12 credits
Piano Proficiency (prior to junior status)
MUSC 131 Music Theory I 4 credits
MUSC 132 Music Theory II 4 credits
MUSC 231 History and Theory of 17th & 18th Century Music 4 credits
MUSC 232 History and Theory of 19th Century Music 4 credits
MUSC 331 History and Theory of Medieval and Renaissance Music 4 credits
MUSC 332 History and Theory of 20th Century Music 4 credits
MUSC 341 Conducting I 2 credits
MUSC 342 Conducting II 2 credits
MUSC 399 or MUSC 392 Internship or Independent Study 1 credit
MUSC 450 Senior Recital 1 credit


MUSC 253
Diction I 1 credit
MUSC 254 Diction II 1 credit
MUSC 313 Vocal Methods and Pedagogy 3 credits


MUSC 311 Brass and Strings 3 credits
MUSC 312 Woodwinds and Percussion 3 credits
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Awards and Accomplishments

Mark Doerffel • Assistant professor of music and director of instrumental activities, presented a clinic at the Kansas Music Educators Association State In Service Workshop in Wichita. He co-presented the clinic, “De-mystifying the trombone: A guide for non-trombonists,” with Frank Perez from Baker University (Baldwin City, Kan.). This was Doerffel's second year to present clinics at the annual state-wide event. Approximately 5,000 music teachers, students and parents attend each year.

Real World Outcomes

Grand View University music majors have become successful musical performers, conductors and teachers; others have found careers in various aspects of the music business such as recording or management. Still others have blended the analytical and communication skills learned in their music classes with other talents, going on to careers in medicine, law, business, publishing and advertising.

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Cowles Center

The Cowles Center houses the Music Department with rehearsal spaces for band and choir teaching studios, mixed use practice room, and study space for students.