Viking Leadership Credential

The Viking Leadership Credential is a comprehensive leadership development program that blends academic coursework with experiential learning and mentoring. You’ll explore the personal, interpersonal, and social dimensions of leadership by engaging in self-development, learning about leading others, and learning about how you can affect your immediate and greater community. The emphasis is placed on three elements: self, group, and community.

Course Requirements (12 semester credits)

Curricular Activities

LDCR 250
Foundations of Leadership
3 credits
LDCR 355
Leadership Skills
3 credits
LDCR 450
Leadership Capstone Seminar  3 credits

Co-Curricular Activities

LDCR 365
Leadership Practice/Experience I - Viking Leadership Experience
1 credit
LDCR 366 Leadership Practice/Experience II - Viking Leadership Experience
1 credit
LDCR 375
Leadership Practice/Experience III - Community Service Experience
1 credit
Mentoring - There will be three types of mentoring relationships throughout the program.

Application Process

Students must enroll first in LDCR-250-Foundations of Leadership for the fall semester during their first semester of their sophomore or junior year. While they are taking LDCR-250, students will apply to VLC. All applications must be completed and submitted to the director of VLC by October 1. Applications will be reviewed by a group of faculty and staff members of Grand View, and students will be notified by October 30 of their acceptance into the program.

There is a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be accepted into the program. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 for the coursework in the program (a B average for all components of the program).

Why Grand View?

  • Integrate classroom coursework with on-campus leadership activities and service learning opportunities.
  • You’ll be paired with campus and community leaders in mentoring relationships to guide you in your leadership growth.
  • Develop a leadership portfolio describing your leadership growth and development.
  • Present your leadership experiences to a group of faculty and staff.


All job candidates look for ways to stand out from the crowd, to get noticed and rewarded for the qualities, skills and capabilities employers want most. Among the qualities in short supply these days is leadership -- the personal insights and skills of a leader, as well as the experience to go with them.

With the Viking Leadership Credential, you can not only gain those skills and polish your natural leadership capabilities, but you can also verify to potential employers that you’ve demonstrated them in a variety of challenging circumstances.

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