Self-Managed Credential Files

A full range of career planning and job search services are available to Grand View education students and alumni. The Career Center maintains a job postings website and resources for job seekers. If you would like a one-on-one appointment, contact the Career Center at 515-263-2888.

What Are Credentials? 

Credentials are letters of recommendation or evaluations collected by students pursuing a career in education. They are typically written by a student’s supervising instructor, cooperating teacher(s) and other individuals who can attest to their qualifications as a teacher. Credential files are required documents as part of the application process for individuals pursuing a teaching position.

What is a Self-Managed Credential File?

A self-managed credential file is a collection of job search related documents maintained by Education majors. You collect and store the documents and send them out as jobs that interest you become available. Self-managing your credentials allows you full control of the job application process. To start your self-managed credential file, work through the list below.

What Needs to Be Included

  • Credential File Cover. Personalize your cover page here.
  • Cover Letter (customized for each position)
  • Resume (focus on skill sets required for the position)
  • Credential/Letter of Recommendation Forms (3 optimally) - Letters may be generic, from student teaching, and practicum
  • Philosophy of Education Statement (optional)

You may also include an unofficial transcript to submit with your application. Please note that many schools require an official copy of your transcript. An official copy is a copy of your transcript which is sealed in an envelope and marked official. It is typically sent directly to the hiring institution.

3 Steps to Creating Your Self-Managed File

  1. Gather (or create) hardcopies of all documents referenced above.
  2. Scan the documents and save the electronic version to a flash drive or e-portfolio.
  3. When you apply online for a specific position, complete the application and upload all electronic documents in your credential file.

The only information you won’t transmit electronically is an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office. You will need to work through the Registrar’s Office to do this. They can be reached at 515-263-2960 or contact them by email.

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