On-Campus Employment Guide

Opportunities to work while you are a student at Grand View University are plentiful and diverse. For a current list of on campus jobs, you must have a login for our campus intranet, myViewSimply log in to your myView account and follow this path: myView > Campus Life > Career Center > Job Listings > Work Study and On-Campus Employment.

Student Employment Program

The Student Employment Program at Grand View is designed to assist students seeking part-time employment opportunities on campus. On-campus jobs are available to financial aid recipients accepting either Iowa Work Study or Federal Work Study funds listed on their award letters.
Student eligibility for on-campus employment is determined by the Financial Aid Office. The Student Employment Program assures all eligible students equal access to job opportunities.

In addition to being a financial resource to meet educational expenses, part-time employment on campus can serve as an educational tool to enhance a student’s work habits and career opportunities. On campus employment also provides students with a valuable link to faculty and staff.

Required Documents

Any student working on campus is required to fill out the Federal and State W-4 and I-9 Employment Eligibility forms. The I-9 requires two forms of ID: one photo (your GV ID will work) and either your birth certificate or Social Security card. The Federal and State tax forms are available at the Student Life Office front desk located in the Student Center.