Alaska Study Tour (May 6 - 23, 2019)

The Alaskan Adventure

Study tour participants will have the unique opportunity to observe different cultures and how they play a role in creating a more harmonious world community. In conjunction with the University of Alaska - Anchorage outreach program, the Alaska Native Heritage Center, and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, participants will have the opportunity to observe different cultures; visit and meet with Alaskan community leaders, educators, and clergy; experience the life, dwellings, traditions, and culture of groups indigenous to Alaska; and participate in activities that will show how wildlife and humans can live together in harmony. Stops include: Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali National Park, and Fairbansk.

The study tour program is part of the 2019 Summer term and includes one course or 3-credit hours for qualified students. Please contact your study tour director for details. Financial aid may also be available to eligible students. You may contact the Financial Aid Office for more details.


For details and next steps, please contact our Alaska Study Tour Director:

Sergio Loch
Sergio Loch
Assistant Professor of Mathematics