Greece Study Tour
(May 11 - 24, 2020)

History and Culture through Sport and the Kinesiology of Sport and Exercise!

Greece offers opportunities for students to visit & study the ancient history of Greece and explore the global influences and practices of Sport Medicine and Sport Management. Experience educational site visits and lectures with experts in both sport management & kinesiology of sport & exercise.

Sites include the Parthenon & Holy Rock of Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, Acropolis Museum, ancient & modern sports stadiums, ancient Olympia, Sparta, Syros Island, and more.

The study tour program is part of the 2020 Summer term and includes one course or 3-credit hours for qualified students. Please contact your study tour director for details. Financial aid may also be available to eligible students. You may contact the Financial Aid Office for more details.


For details and next steps, please contact our Greece Study Tour Directors:

Liz Rullestad
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Scott Bull
Assistant Professor of Business Admin