Spain Study Tour

Participants will have a firsthand experience with one of the seven wonders of the world, history, language, people, and culture. Students will engage in language and culture first hand in a family stay.

In Core II, students will compare and contrast the current economic situation in Peru. Students will choose a specific area of interest (i.e. education, healthcare, etc.) in a community in Spain to analyze and integrate. The Service Learning aspect will include a health clinic visit, school service project visit, and interviews with the locals, etc. Participants will have hospital/clinic visits, educational visits and a service type of community outreach.

All of these enhance our major of Spanish for the Professionals in the following:

  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish for Healthcare
  • Spanish for Criminal justice tracks
  • Spanish education endorsement

Participants also stay in homestays with families in order to improve both their communicative and cultural competency.

Interested? Please contact:

Amy Schumann
Amy Schumann
Coralie Turner
Coralie Turner
Assistant Professor of Modern Language