Student Success Collaborative (SSC)

GV is committed to the success of every student. To accomplish that goal, we are partnering with the Educational Advisory Board (EAB) to implement a new technology called Student Success Collaborative (SSC).

SSC is a platform that combines technology, research, and consulting to help institutions improve graduation rates through risk identification, coordinated student support, and effectiveness analytics. This initiative is a critical component of a larger conversation at Grand View about student advising, persistence, and completion. 

The new SSC software will allow faculty and staff to:

  • View a snapshot of critical student information before or during student meetings
  • Use data to better understand which students may need intervention as they encounter obstacles to learning
  • Enhance communication with students
  • Provide holistic and evidenced-driven advice to students based on shared notes in the electronic advising file as well on historical data
  • Provide powerful analytics to support departmental strategy and decision making

Members of the SSC Leadership Team include: Carl Moses, Debbie Barger, Tim Wheeldon, Jay Prescott, Craig Erickson, Bonnie Hall, Steve Nuzum, Beth Carlson, Debbie Gannon, and Pam Christoffers. 

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