Graduate Students

Graduate Tuition and Financial Aid

Effective Fall, 2015

Education & Sport Management: $465 per credit hour
Business: $595 per credit hour
Nursing: $700 per credit hour

You will typically be enrolled in 7 credit hours per term.

Additional fees include:  parking, $40 per semester; technology, $75 per semester.

*There is no change in these rates for the 2016-17 academic year.


Education. Grand View scholarships are available for qualified applicants in Education.  Find out more about the Jacobson Fellowship here.  For more information, please contact the Graduate Studies Department at

Nursing. The State of Iowa offers a Nurse Educator loan assistance program for graduate-level nursing students who are also teaching in a classroom or clinical setting in Iowa. For 2015 graduates the maximum award was $6,658. Learn more HERE.

Federal Financial Aid. You may qualify for federal financial aid.  It is Grand View's policy that students enrolled in a graduate program will be considered half-time for any term in which their enrollment is at least five hours. Nine credit hours are considered full-time enrollment.

Therefore, students will be eligible for federal loans for terms in which their enrollment is at least half-time (five hours). First year graduate students will have the loans for the academic year disbursed in three equal installments; fall, spring and summer. The actual disbursement date is determined by the day students begin enrollment in the fifth credit hour for that term. Second year graduate students will have loans for the academic year disbursed in two equal installments, since summer is typically less than half-time. Plan to save the refund from spring to pay for summer.

Various federal tax credits may also be available to graduate students. Grand View’s Office of Financial Aid can assist you in determining for what financial aid you may be eligible. You’ll also want to explore whether your employer offers partial tuition reimbursement for graduate study.

Please click the link below to go to the Financial Aid pages, where you will find information about completing the FAFSA and the financial aid process.