Tuition & Fees 2024-25

At Grand View University, your tuition pays for a student's instruction by knowledgeable and experienced faculty members who value our tradition of great teaching. Moreover, we are committed to providing the finest education attainable at the lowest cost possible. The cost of attendance will be published tuition and fees minus grants, scholarships, and other financial aid.

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Cost of Attendance

Direct costs are paid to Grand View, they include tuition, fees and housing and food if living on-campus. These costs are available by clicking on the buttons above.

In addition to direct costs, the cost of attendance includes indirect costs that are not paid directly to Grand View. Indirect costs include:

  • Books, course materials, supplies, and equipment – These expenses vary each semester and largely depend on your individual needs and program of study. On average, full-time undergraduate students spend about $1,296/year. Graduate students have an estimated $1458 during a 12-month period for books and supplies.
  • Personal/Transportation – Personal costs vary according to personal circumstances and spending habits and include things like laundry, personal care, healthcare and medication. Transportation costs vary depending on your state of legal residence and whether you live on or off-campus. For financial aid purposes, G. d View estimates personal costs at $3,476 and transportation costs from $918 for on-campus to $2,068 for off-campus undergraduate students. For graduate students, the estimated personal costs are $5,214 and estimated transportation costs are $3,102 for a 12-month period.
  • Off-campus Housing & Food – Costs for off-campus housing and food range from $4,584 for living with-parent to $13,822 for those living off-campus for the nine-month academic year for undergraduate students. Housing and food for graduate students is estimated at $20,733 for a 12-month period.
  • Loan fees – Federal student loans have origination fees of 1.057% for loans first disbursed after 10/1/2020. Average loan fees are included in the cost of attendance, they are $76 per year for undergraduate students and $114 for graduate students over a 12-month period.
  • Cost of first professional credential – Students in programs that require a professional credential (teaching, nursing, athletic training, counseling, etc.) will have costs associated with obtaining a license, certification, or first professional credential. These costs include tests, background checks, and the credentials, etc. Those costs range from $160 to $525 and may be incurred while the student is enrolled. Students should speak with their advisor for more information about requirements.

Other Students

Senior Citizens
Senior citizens who are not pursuing a degree at Grand View University may attend classes for no credit without charge on a space-available basis. Those who are not pursuing a degree at Grand view may attend classes for credit at a rate equivalent to the Course Audit Fee on a space-available basis. Those who are pursuing a degree at Grand View will be charged the standard tuition rate.
Out of State Tuition
Because Grand View is a private university, there is no tuition difference for out-of-state students.
International Students

Once you have been accepted, you will be required to pay a deposit of $1,700. $100 of this deposit will be held as a non-refundable enrollment deposit and $200 will be held as a housing deposit, while the remaining $1,400 will be applied to your first semester's charges. Grand View University will issue the I-20 only to admitted students who have paid their deposit.

  • Living expenses for international students are calculated based on living on campus, including housing and an Access 7 meal plan.
  • Personal Needs is an estimate of miscellaneous costs such as clothing, laundry, entertainment, transportation, etc.
  • Every international student in the U.S. is required to have health insurance coverage. The health insurance estimate is for 12 months of continuing coverage. You will need to prove that you have adequate health insurance in the U.S. or purchase the insurance plan offered through Grand View University. Price of health insurance coverage will range based on a variety of factors.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement requires a $350 Student Exchange Visitor Processing Fee and an I-901 form from all students who receive an I-20. Admitted students who have made the deposit of $1,700 will receive information on this fee and the I-901 form when the I-20 is issued. The fee must be paid before applying for a visa. For more information, please refer to the I-901 information sheet.