Study Abroad

A Grand View education prepares students for successful careers and global citizenship both in their communities and in a diverse and changing world. You can immerse yourself in another culture through an international (study abroad) or domestic (study away) off-campus learning adventure.

Grand View offers a variety of international study abroad and domestic study away programs that engage students in opportunities to enhance their learning beyond the classroom. Travel and learn with Grand View faculty on short-term faculty led programs or spend a summer, semester, or an entire academic year abroad.

A Closer Look...

Listen below as Raegan Hetrick, a biology pre-veterinary major, shares her experience of her summer internship in South Africa.

Discover more extraordinary experiences with our study abroad program gallery!

Did You Know?

  • Studying abroad is a unique, life-changing experience that will help you grow academically and emotionally while preparing you for your professional future in a global community.
  • We are committed to guiding you throughout the journey.
  • We strive to match each student with a program appropriate to their needs and is compatible with their academics, budget, and desired location.

Make the world your classroom

At Grand View you can make the world your classroom through participating in a short-term, summer, semester, or year-long study abroad program. In addition to earning academic credit, you will add an impressive experience to your resume and gain new perspectives of yourself and the world around you. Participation in an off-campus program will connect you to people, places, and new learning opportunities around the world. 

Each year students expand their worldviews, globalize their resume, and gain intercultural competencies essential for the 21st century through participation in off-campus study programs. Employers look for students who are open to new challenges, motivated, and eager to learn – all of which are common characteristics of students who have participated in off-campus study programs.

Off-campus programs engage students in learning experiences that build cross-cultural and workplace skills which enhance career preparation or graduate school applications. Additionally, living in another culture deepens intellectual and personal maturity, fosters independent thinking, builds self-confidence, and increases awareness of the interconnected nature of the world.