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Writing Center

For more information about the Writing Center, please visit the ALT page.

How to Use the Writing Center

Make an appointment online

What to Expect

As you enter, check in with a tutor.  A session may be in progress, so please try not to interrupt. Computers are available for you to use before and/or after your session.

A peer tutor will greet you and ask you to sign in. Your tutor will ask you about your course, the assignment, your progress, and about the concerns that brought you to the Writing Center.

Strategies may include: reading your paper out loud; outlining your main ideas; discussing relevant aspects of your draft or paper topic; and reviewing available resources to help answer a specific question.

Suggestions for an Effective Writing Center Tutorial: 

  • Try to come in for help at least two days before the paper is due.
  • If possible, bring your assignment sheet with you.
  • Each session lasts about 30 minutes.
  • Expect to go over one paper at a time. If you have more than one paper, allow time to make additional visits to the Writing Center.
  • Be physically and mentally present during the entire session. Because a tutorial session is a conversation about your writing, tutors will need your input as much as you need theirs.