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Language, History & Culture Majors


The opportunity to create an Individualized Major gives you a chance to fashion a specialized course of study, or academic major, of your own design. This is an appealing alternative if you interests or career goals aren't met by one of the more traditional majors offered by Grand View. 

When you choose this option you'll begin the process of creating an Individualized Major by selecting a Grand View faculty member to work with you to develop a proposal. This proposal must include a rationale, objectives and a detailed list of courses that will comprise the major. It must be presented to the Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee of the faculty for approval before the end of the first semester of your junior year.

Recent majors approved by the Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee have covered such topics as Strategic Planning, Communications Management and International Cultural Photography.

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Courses and Requirements

The major requires 45 semester hours in three or more academic departments, including no more than 18 hours from a single department and a total of at least 24 upper division hours. All Individualized Majors must be designed with the help of an academic advisor and approved by the Curriculum Committee.

All courses will be counted in computing the 2.2 GPA required for this major.

For detailed course descriptions, please see the current catalog HERE.

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