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Dr. Marilyn Ray on Campus


Dr. Marilyn Ray will be in the Rodholm Room on Thursday, April 12 from 9 to 11 am for coffee, scones and conversation about her Theory of Bureaucratic Caring.

Dr. Ray graduated with her diploma in nursing from St. Josephs Hospital Hamilton, Canada. Her BSN was obtained from the University of Colorado. Her MA in anthropology from Hamilton, Colorado and her Phd is in transcultural nursing at the University of Utah where she studied under Dr. Madeleine Leininger.  Her doctoral dissertation was a study on caring in the complex hospital organizational culture. From this research her theory emerged. Her  theory has been widely embraced. She just got back from an international conference in Japan.  Dr. Ray also had a long career in the air force where she retired as a colonel.

Some of her awards and honors include:

-2010 finalist for the International Award for Excellence in Creating Caring Organizations
-2008 Lifetime Achievement Award for the International Association for Human Caring
-2007 Distinguished Alumna Award University of Utah
-2005 Honorary Degree Nevada State College
-She has written 4 books, 33 chapters in books, and 45 journal articles.

Dr. Ray is currently Professor Emeritus at FAU, teaching in the PhD program and a faculty mentor. Her research interests continue to focus on transtheoretical development of the theory of bureaucratic caring, complexity science and caring, transcultural caring and global health care needs.