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Art Exhibit Featuring Grand View Students


Artists Jolynn Reigeluth and Mimi Solum will have all new work on display in the Rasmussen Gallery on the Grand View University campus May 11th through August 3rd. The work being displayed includes drawings, prints, collages, paintings, artist’s books, sculptures and other 3-dimensional pieces. There will be an opening reception on May 11th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm in the gallery at 1200 Grandview Avenue in Des Moines. The opening will allow you to view the two bodies of work, speak with the artists and enjoy food and beverages.

Jolynn Reigeluth has created an installation space representing her office, where she keeps piles of information, artifacts and self-created data that all reflects the world where thoughts occur. She has collected found objects, samples and information from her travels to this place, and is offering her findings and explorations on view for the duration of the exhibition. Her work is intended to present a world that is not seen through any other means.

Mimi Solum has drawings, sculptures, and more that reflect her and her ancestors’ lives, past and present. Her relationships and connections to others are what is defined and examined by these collected objects and creations. Solum explores the fragility and remembrances of relationships, along with the desire to find a place in this world away from tangible attachments we form to objects.

The work of both artists relates to the idea of collecting tangible things in order to represent that which is either unknown or less clearly defined. Although their work is visually dissimilar, Reigeluth and Solum have been strongly influenced by each others’ work.

Reigeluth will graduate from Grand View University in May with a Graphic Design and Visual Arts degree. Solum will graduate in December with a Visual Arts and Art Education degree. Both artists plan to attend graduate school in the near future.