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The Distinguished Faculty Service Award


The Outstanding Faculty Award goes to those who are dedicated to students and to the pursuit of knowledge which informs their teaching, scholarship and advising.  For her dedication and demonstration of service to her profession, to Grand View and the surrounding community,  the Distinguished Faculty Service Award for 2014-2015 goes to Dr. Robin Trimble White.

This award is conferred upon a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary service to the university through:
• a sustained record of accomplishment in activities undertaken in service to
the university
• meaningful contributions that positively impact the work of various service
activities and that
• demonstrate ongoing commitment to serve students, staff, faculty and the
mission of Grand View.

Dr. White has distinguished herself in her level of service and commitment to Grand View and the Des Moines community for the past sixteen years.  Her nomination was strongly supported by faculty, staff, and community professionals.  Upon her arrival at Grand View, she immediately began to provide a high level of service to the university.  Her first challenge was to prepare for a self-study and site visit for the department.  The visit was successful and accreditation was awarded.  She has a strong understanding of the relevant laws and policies that make up teacher preparation in Iowa.  She is always open to sharing her knowledge with her fellow colleagues. 

She has maintained a record of exemplary service to Grand View.  She served as Department Chair for 14 years and Director of Teacher Education for 16 years.  She also served on the Promotions and Tenure Committee for four years, the Council of Graduate Studies for seven years, and was instrumental in the development of the Education track of the Masters in Innovative Leadership and more recently in the development of the Master in Science in Education.  She currently serves on the HLC Steering Committee and chairs one of the criterion committees.  She also chaired the 2004 United Way Campaign for GV and co-chaired the faculty/staff Spotlight on Success Campaign which raised money for the construction of the Rasmussen Center.

Dr. White has also provided service in GV’s international studies program.  She has served as a member of the Advisory Board and participated in international events hosted by the university.  In 2011, she helped coordinate the campus visit of Fulbright Visiting Scholar Egon Hadegaard from Denmark.  Her dedication to humanitarian service is characterized through her work with the Ankeny United Methodist Church’s Mission in Malawi, Africa.  She and her husband have lead a group on five trips.  In Africa, they adopted local communities to assist with initiatives for clean water, nursery schools, and an empowerment program for women.  She has applied the benefits of these experiences to her work at GV through her Human Relations class.
Dr. White is extremely passionate and committed to the students, staff, and faculty and mission of Grand View.  Through her work with admissions staff, she has worked with every education student moving through the teacher preparation program.  She has influenced many GV students who graduated and are in our communities influencing their students.  She truly embraces the GV mission to engage, equip and empower students to fulfill their individual potential and serve society.