In entering the workforce, the significance of possessing a diverse skill set cannot be overstated. Employers seek candidates who can not only perform specific tasks but also contribute positively to the work environment. A well-rounded skill set enhances employability, fostering success and resilience in an ever-changing job market. Employers increasingly prioritize candidates with a well-rounded skill set, emphasizing the importance of a balanced blend of technical and interpersonal capabilities to thrive in an ever-evolving professional landscape. Are you excited to enter the workforce?


Business (B)     Government (G)     Health Care (HC)     Non-Profit (NP)

Medical Billing Specialist  HC, G
Medical Assistant B, HC, NP
Medical Coding and Billing Professional B, HC, G
Medication Care Coordinator (Pharmacy Tech. Program)
Physical Therapy Aide and Admin. Specialist  HC, G, NP
Phlebotomy Technician  HC, G, NP
Pharmacy Technician Specialist HC, G, NP
Patient Care Technician HC, NP
Medical Scribe Professional  HC, G, NP
Medical Laboratory Assistant B, HC, G
Medical Front Office Assistant & Admin. Specialist B, HC, G
Dental Assistant B, HC, G
IT Support Professional B, G, NP
Health Unit Coordinator B, HC, G, NP
Clinical Medical Assistant & Scribe Professional B, HC, G
CISCO CCNA Network Associate B, G, NP
EKG Technician HC, G, NP
Cardio Phlebotomy Technician B, HC, G
Behavioral Health Technician B, HC, G
Allied Healthcare Professional  HC, G, NP
PC Computer Technician B, G, NP
Healthcare IT Technician  HC, G, NP
IT Helpdesk Administrator B, G, NP
IT Network Technician B, G, NP