Upskilling initiatives have been linked to a significant increase in productivity, with studies showing that employees who acquire new skills tend to be more efficient in their roles. Upskilling contributes to a more agile workforce, capable of adapting swiftly to industry changes and technological advancements, ultimately boosting productivity. Increased competence through upskilling has been associated with a reduction in errors and inefficiencies, leading to smoother operations and enhanced output. Are you ready to elevate your performance?


Business (B)     Government (G)     Health Care (HC)     Non-Profit (NP)

AWS Solutions Architect Associate B, G, NP 
Clinical Medical Professional B, HC, G
Clinical Medical Specialist (Medical Assistant + Phlebotomy Tech) B, HC, G
Cloud Computing (Cloud+) B, G, NP
Cloud Technology Professional B, G, NP
Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) B, G, NP 
Electronic Health & Medical Records Specialist HC, G, NP 
Electronic Health Records & Medical Reimbursement Specialist HC, G, NP 
Ethical Hacker (PenTest+) B, G, NP 
Healthcare Administration Professional HC, G, NP 
Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) B, G, NP 
IT Security and Network Technician B, G, NP 
IT Security Specialist B, G, NP 
Linux Administrator B, G, NP 
Medical Front Office Administration Specialist B, HC, G, NP 
Medical Front Office & Electronic Health Records (EHR) HC, G, NP
Medical Scribe & Administrative Professional
B, HC, G
Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach B, HC, NP
Pharmacy Technician Professional HC, G, NP
RBT: Behavior Technician Specialist HC, G