In entering the workforce, the significance of possessing a diverse skill set cannot be overstated. Employers seek candidates who can not only perform specific tasks but also contribute positively to the work environment. A well-rounded skill set enhances employability, fostering success and resilience in an ever-changing job market. Employers increasingly prioritize candidates with a well-rounded skill set, emphasizing the importance of a balanced blend of technical and interpersonal capabilities to thrive in an ever-evolving professional landscape. Are you excited to enter the workforce?



Health Care



Medical Billing Specialist   X X
Medical Assistant X X
Medical Coding and Billing Professional X X X  
Medication Care Coordinator (Pharmacy Tech. Program)
  X X X
Physical Therapy Aide and Admin. Specialist   X X X
Phlebotomy Technician   X X X
Pharmacy Technician Specialist   X X X
Patient Care Technician   X   X
Medical Scribe Professional   X X X
Medical Laboratory Assistant X X X  
Medical Front Office Assistant & Admin. Specialist X X X  
Dental Assistant X X X  
IT Support Professional  X   X X
Health Unit Coordinator X X X X
Clinical Medical Assistant & Scribe Professional X X X  
CISCO CCNA Network Associate   X X
EKG Technician   X X X
Cardio Phlebotomy Technician X X X  
Behavioral Health Technician X X X  
Allied Healthcare Professional   X X X
PC Computer Technician  X   X X
Healthcare IT Technician   X X X
IT Helpdesk Administrator X   X X
IT Network Technician X   X X