Residency Requirements

Students in their first two years of college (not determined by credits) are required to live in college housing for at least four semesters. Exempted from this policy are students who have reached their twenty-first birthday prior to the first day of class; veterans of at least two years active military service; married students living with their spouse; students who have dependent children living with them; students who commute to school daily from the permanent, legal residence of their parent(s)/legal guardian (within 30 miles) documentation of legal guardianship must be provided; and students who have graduated from high school two or more years ago and will be at least 20 years old when beginning classes at Grand View.

If you are under the age of 21 prior to the first day of the term, you must do the following in order to be considered for a housing exemption:

  • A parent or legal guardian must also sign the housing exemption application if you are under 21 and requesting an exemption to commute from the permanent home of your parent(s) or legal guardian (within a 30 mile radius).
  • Complete, sign and return the housing exemption application.

All exemptions of the residency requirement must be made by submitting a Housing Exemption Request Form.

Housing Exemption Request Form