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Academics & the Arts

Undergraduate Majors for Adult Learners

Grand View offers 40 academic majors, with 16 of them available through the College for Professional and Adult Learning (CPAL).  To learn specific details of a major, go to Majors & Faculty in the Academics section on our admissions site (www.admissions.grandview.edu), or consult the current catalog. You can also design your own major.

Classes are offered during the day, evenings and alternate Saturdays. Classes meet in accelerated eight-week sessions or during the regular semester. Accelerated session classes generally meet two evenings a week for eight weeks and evening semester classes generally meet one evening a week. Many courses are available in a blended format (a combination of online and face-to-face).

Majors in Accelerated Format
Students taking accelerated classes can take two classes per evening during each eight-week session. This allows you to work full-time and be a full-time student. You have the option of being full-time (6 credits per session) or part-time (less then 6 credits per session), which opens up opportunities for financial assistance. There are six sessions per year, so you can earn up to 36 hours of credit in an academic year. The BSN degree completion accelerated classes, for licensed RNs, meet one afternoon or evening per week during each eight-week session. 

Baccalaureate majors offered in the accelerated format include:

Business Administration (Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing)
Criminal Justice
Human Services
Individualized Major
Liberal Arts
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Nursing (RN to BSN completion)
Organizational Studies (Business, Criminology, Organizational Leadership)
Paralegal Studies (Business and Human Resource Management, Criminology, Public Administration)
Political Studies (Pre-Law, Public Administration)

Certificate Programs offered:

Art Therapy
Human Resource Management
User Experience Design

Majors in Semester Format
Evening semester classes are offered one night a week for 15 weeks. You’re considered full-time if you take 12 or more hours per semester, half-time if you take 6 to 11 hours per semester and less than half-time for 5 or fewer hours per semester.

Saturday classes meet on alternate Saturdays during the semester. Two alternate Saturday schedules are offered each semester, which would allow you to take two Saturday classes (up to 6 credit hours).

Baccalaureate majors offered in the semester format include:
   Liberal Arts

Condensed Schedules for Teacher Education Endorsements
Select Teacher Education teaching endorsements, such as Reading, Instructional Strategist I, and Driver and Safety Education, are offered in condensed class schedules. The summer Teacher Endorsement Academy offers classes in two-week sessions. Accelerated weekend and evening endorsement classes are offered during the academic year. These classes are designed for licensed teachers who wish to obtain additional teaching endorsements.