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Benefits to Employers

There are many benefits to your company in hiring college interns, beyond the obvious plus of having extra manpower to move a project along or fill a temporary gap in your current staffing. A high percentage of employers report using internships to identify – and train – potential permanent employees.

"Experiential education assignments are outstanding ways for students and employers to try each other out," says Marilyn Mackes, executive director of the National Association of Colleges and Employers. "Participating in an internship or co-op can help students decide if they really are suited to a particular profession or organization. In turn, employers can assess student performance on-site and in their corporate culture and, if they like what they see, work to convert the student into a full-time employee upon graduation."

Since you have your choice of interns from several colleges and universities, why should you partner with Grand View for your internship program?

A Career Focus. Grand View has strong, award-winning programs that provide students with hands-on experience early in their college careers. Small classes, faculty whose commitment is to teaching, and experiential learning help Grand View students try out their chosen area of study long before it’s “too late.” By the time students become interns, most are committed to a career path and ready to excel on the job. Grand View students may complete internships as early as their sophomore year, although most wait until they are juniors or seniors.

Support for You. Grand View extends its unparalleled personal touch to you, as well as to the students. Our internship program director is readily available for phone consultation and site visits … any kind of direct, personal support you need to make your Grand View internship experience as positive and productive as possible. If you don’t have a formal internship program, we can help you establish one; or start you with a single intern and grow a flexible program over time. For companies with a structured program, we work within your guidelines, dovetailing them with our own.

Students Committed to Iowa.  It’s impossible to read the newspaper or listen to TV broadcasts without hearing about Iowa’s “brain drain” – the college students we educate who leave the state after graduation for job opportunities elsewhere. Grand View students stay. In fact, 80 percent of our students are Iowans, and the majority of our graduates are still Iowans many years later. Out of state students often choose to stay after graduation. So the Grand View intern you train today and hire after graduation is likely to be a capable employee committed to living, learning and growing in Iowa – probably with your company!

Interns in the Discipline You Need
Grand View offers 40 majors, so it’s likely we can place an intern with the educational background and skill set that meet your needs.

Applied Mathematics
Art Education
Business Administration
Church Music
Computer Science - Computer Information Systems
Computer Science - Numerical Computing
Computer Science - Software Development
Criminal Justice
Digital Media Production
Elementary Education
English - Literature
English - Writing
Graphic Design
Graphic Journalism
Health Promotion - Fitness Management
Health Promotion - Wellness Management
Human Services
Individualized Major
Liberal Arts - General Studies
Management Information Systems
Mass Communication
Music Education

Organizational Studies
Paralegal Studies
Physical Education
Political Studies - Pre-law
Political Studies - Public Administration
Public Relations
Secondary Education
Service Management
Spanish for Careers and Professionals
Sport Management
Theatre Arts
Visual Arts

Certificate Programs
Art Therapy
Human Resource Management
In-House Communication
Real Estate
Spanish Essentials