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Campus Map and Directions

Need to know where a particular building is, or maybe the quickest route to Grand View? Take a look at the campus map or get step-by-step directions to our campus.

Detailed Main Campus Map
Driving Directions: Student Center
Driving Directions: Humphrey Center
Driving Directions: Wellness Center
GV in relation to Des Moines and major roads

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Camp Dodge Campus Map and Driving Directions - Please read the following paragraph before visiting our Camp Dodge Campus, keeping in mind you will be on an active military base. Also note that Grand View will no longer offer classes at the Camp Dodge location beginning in the Fall of 2016.

How to Render Honors (Revised). When “Reveille” is heard, all personnel driving on the installation must stop and safely pull over if the situation permits. Service members and government civilian personnel will turn off their vehicles and if safe to do so, exit their vehicles and render the appropriate honors. Military personnel will stand at attention and render a salute in the direction of the post flag (Pool Pavilion) on the first note, until the music concludes. Civilians will safely pull over, if in a vehicle or outside, stand erect, remove any headgear and place their right hand over their heart until the music concludes. Disabled persons and small children are not required to exit their vehicles. If military members are in a military vehicle or bus, the senior occupant will exit the vehicle and render honors as indicated above. At the conclusion of the music all personnel resume their regular duties.