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Visual & Performing Arts Majors

Studio Arts

Studio Arts represents the backbone of the art department and is a major factor in all art instruction. Grand View students can earn their Studio Arts degree with an emphasis in drawing and painting. Students gain a strong education in the dynamics of producing art as they focus on creativity and the importance of career objectives in the art professions. Graduates may proceed to a career in fine arts, or they may enter a master’s degree program.

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A certificate in Art Thearpy is also offered.  For more information, please go to the Visual and Performing Arts page.

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Courses and Requirements

Prerequisite Courses:

  • Foundations of Drawing I
  • Foundations of Drawing II
  • Principles of Design I
  • Principles of Design II

Requirements of All Majors:

  • Advanced Studio Practice I OR Advanced Studio Practice II
  • Senior Seminar
  • Sophomore/Transfer Portfolio Review
  • Faculty approved senior year exhibit of work

Plus 12 credits of Art History from the following:

  • Survey of the History of Art I
  • Survey of the History of Art II
  • Visual Culture and Rhetoric
  • The History of Graphic Design
  • Twentieth Century Art History
  • Special Topics in Art History

Plus any 18-hour combination of Painting and Drawing courses:

  • Intermediate Drawing I
  • Intermediate Drawing II
  • Beginning Painting I
  • Beginning Painting II
  • Introduction to Printmaking I
  • Introduction to Printmaking II
  • Intermediate Painting I
  • Intermediate Painting II
  • Advanced Drawing I
  • Advanced Drawing II
  • Intermediate Printmaking
  • Advanced Printmaking

Plus 6 hours of Art electives

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Career Options

After graduation, Art Department alumni find key jobs in the art profession in a variety of companies, including the following:

• Younkers
• Iowa Health System
• Sticks
• Des Moines Publishing
• Woodsmith
• Relationship Marketing Inc.
• Mercy Hospital Medical Center
• Gasoline Graphics
• Flynn/Wright Inc.
• Meredith Corporation
• Sayles Graphic Design
• The Principal Financial Group
• Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield
• Meyocks & Priebe Advertising Inc.
• Competitive Edge Signage & Graphics
• The Vernon Company
• Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
• Type-O-Graphics Two, Inc.
• The Des Moines Register


Students at Grand View have had internships throughout the Greater Des Moines area. A sample of these internship locations includes:

• The Des Moines Register
• Mercy Hospital Medical Center
• State of Iowa Department of Development
• Cityview
• August Home Publishing
• Meredith Corporation
• Iowa Health System
• Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
• PyroGraphics
• Thomas C. Porter & Associates
• Sticks


Students entering Grand View’s art program may apply for art scholarships. Financial aid for each student is personalized regarding academic as well as individual need for assistance. Art professors review incoming student portfolios to determine scholarship awards. A renewable scholarship ranging from $500 - $2,000 is awarded to full-time day students who demonstrate talent in art. 

To qualify, students must:

  • Visit campus.
  • Meet with the Chair of the Art Department.
  • Be recommended by the department.
  • Apply and be accepted for admission.

If you’re interested in a portfolio review, call 515-263-2895 to schedule an interview.

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