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Grand View University's Art & Design program focuses on creative thinking, experimentation and academic rigor. Students will be encouraged to take risks without the fear of failure, increasing the possibility of discovering unique solutions. Students will learn to eliminate designing based on preconceived aesthetic outcomes and will embrace concept-driven design with communication at its core. Receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in one of our majors requires a strong work ethic and openness to trying new things. 

We define art as the nucleus of all creative practice. An artist is one who uses creativity to function as a designer, painter, photographer, innovator, agitator, and a citizen engaged in his or her community. Our focus is on the process of experimentation, which involves risk and failure. The goal of the Art Department is to activate and motivate creative people to think conceptually and to make work that challenges others to think. This creative development is built on a foundation of strong studio skills and practices, allowing for versatile and well-trained makers. Being a professional artist requires a strong work ethic, self-motivation, acceptance of validation and rejection, entrepreneurship, inventiveness, resourcefulness, networking, and engagement.

Art is more than just one discipline or major. It is the translation of ideas into any and all formats that engage an audience and provoke thought. As a department we believe in the intersection of graphic design and studio art, and are committed to an educational philosophy that equips students to utilize that connection in their chosen vocations.

Art Scholarships

Grand View University provides art scholarship opportunities for to new, full-time students at Grand View majoring in Art Education, Game Design & Interactive Analytics, Graphic Design or Studio Arts.

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