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Liberal Arts

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Whether you are a traditional student just starting your college career, an adult learner or transfer student, a hallmark of the Liberal Arts major is the flexibility it allows you in designing your program of study.

Multiple scheduling options make the Liberal Arts major especially convenient for adult learners who are trying to complete their degree while also balancing the demands of family and career. You can take evening, online or daytime classes that fit your busy schedule.

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Courses and Requirements

Departmental Courses

  • Writing for Business OR Visual Culture and Rhetoric
  • Core Seminar II and III

Plus 6-12 semester hours from each of the following four categories.

  • The Human Condition (history, economics, sociology, psychology, humanities, political science, liberal arts)
  • Aesthetic Appreciation (art, music, humanities, theatre, speech, English literature, photography, liberal arts)
  • Faith and Reason (theology, philosophy, humanities, mathematical reasoning, liberal arts)
  • The Natural World (chemistry, biology, physical science, physics)

For detailed course descriptions, please go to the current catalog HERE.

Career Options

A Liberal Arts major helps you prepare for a number of future educational or career options. If you are thinking about going to graduate school, this major gives you a wide knowledge base upon which to build your specialized graduate training. Working with your faculty advisor to design a program of study, you could use the Liberal Arts major to prepare yourself for graduate school in such areas as Sociology, English and Psychology.

Employers often welcome students with a broad liberal arts background. You can tailor your choice of electives and academic minors to your career interests. Students with a strong liberal arts background often go on to careers in management, sales, and administration.

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