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Cowboys and Rock Stars with Mitch Matthews (Viking EDGE Lecture Series Event)

Learn the secret to taking your childhood aspirations and turning them into your dream job! As Mitch Matthews has traveled to campuses all over the country, he continues to hear the question…“What if I don’t know what my dream job is?” Think about it.  What if you were able to clarify what your dream job might be?  What would that feel like?  More importantly…what if you were able to put a specific plan in place to go after it?  What could happen?  In this fun and highly-interactive program, the "big dream guy" will help you to clarify what your dream job might be and he'll give you real-world expectations and strategies to go after it...immediately!

  • Contact: Career Center
  • Phone: 515-263-2888
  • Location: Viking Theatre
  • Time: Beginning 07:00 PM
  • Date: 03/07/2013