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An Evening With Aunt Nona


The Grand View Theatre Department is excited to host Aunt Nona on Saturday, August 8. Share a dressing room with Aunt Nona before she makes her debut on the Great White Way…in Fargo, North Dakota. Nona fills her hour pre-show with stand-up, improv, and storytelling as she explores the idiosyncrasies of the life she leads. Trying to find her way in the world, she joyfully recounts her jaunts through a world of jingle writing, cookies and bars, gay nephews, boyfriends, drag queens, mothers, meat raffles, and lady locker rooms. Although she seems to cheer through every misstep, she does not exist without the true fears that cut through standards of life that she can’t seem to conquer. For every misfit, college graduate, or millionaire who has desired a life beyond set expectations, Aunt Nona is the family member who will be there with which to commiserate, communicate, and cachinnate throughout her 60 minutes before the footlights.

Written and Performed by: Anna Carol
Directed by: Joshua Chase Gold

Saturday, August 8 at 7:30 pm
Grand View University Viking Theatre
2811 E 14th St, Des Moines, Iowa 50316

Tickets are $10 and general admission.

About the Artist:
Anna Carol is an Equity performer based in NYC debuting her solo show, 'An Evening with Aunt Nona' in the midwest before she takes it to the United Solo Festival in NYC this September. Anna recently completed a 10 month contract at the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre. Favorite roles include: Fanny, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby; Mary Ellis, The Best of Enemies; Bardolf, The Merry Wives of Windsor; and Featured Ensemble/Mme Thenarier u.s, Les Miserables. Anna holds a BA from MSUM and a MFA from UCF.

*Funded in part by the Jilline Ringle Solo Performance Program as administered by 1812 Productions'