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Grand View Students Shine at Iowa College Media Awards


Grand View University won 2010 Radio Station of the Year and 2010 Newspaper of the Year at the Iowa College Media Awards held on Feb. 3.  Both awards are repeat performances for the media organizations.

KDPS Radio won a total of 17 out of 21 radio awards given out, including Best Show and Best Air Personality for the fifth year in a row.

Award winners:

First places:
Ed Vos, Best Show
Ed Vos, Best Air Personality
Michael Tallman & Christi Adams, Best Promo, PSA, or Commercial
Ed Vos, Best News Programming
Paul Joy & Beth Ehlers, Best Experimental Video (TV)
Paul Joy, Best Storytelling
Second Places:
Christi Adams, Best Air Personality
Paul Joy, Best Newscast
Nicole Barreca, Best News Programming
Michael Tallman, Best Experimental Video (TV)
Third Places:
Paul Joy, Best Show
Michael Tallman, Best Air Personality
Drew Murphy, Best Newscast
Kyana Fuchs, Best News Programming
Joey Beltrame & Laramie Lowe, Best Sports Broadcast
Paul Joy, Best Corporate Video
Honorable Mentions:
Christi Adams & Kristin Dalin, Best Show
Michael Tallman & Christi Adams, Best Promo, PSA, or Commercial
Joey Beltrame, Best Newscast
Aaron Lammers, Best News Programming
The Grand Views, lead by editor Hallie Beeler, earned eight first place finishes.
Award winners:
First places:
Courtney Townsend, Best Profile Story
Ashlee Humphrey, Best Inside Page Design
Derek Hart, Best Headline Writing
Jordan Van Essen, Best Sports Feature
Stacey Campbell, Best Feature Photo
Jenna Jacobs, Best News Photo
The Grand Views, Best Use of Social Media
The Grand Views, Best Arts Coverage
Second Places:
Keely Shannon, Best Feature Story
Tiffany Rose & Hallie Beeler, Best News Story
Molly Hottle, Best Opinion Writing
The Grand Views, Best Online Edition
The Grand Views, General Excellence
Third Places:
Devlin Hogans, Best Feature Story
Jordan Van Esssen, Best Review
Victoria Brady, Best Profile Story
Jenna Jacobs, Best photographic portfolio
The Grand Views, Best Multimedia Slide Show
The Grand Views, Best Page 1
Honorable Mentions:
Mike Kuhlenbeck, Best Profile Story
Jodi Jurik, Best Photographic Portfolio
Jodi Jurik, Best Sports Feature
Kelsey Savolainen, Best Blog
Katie Dondale, Best Feature Photo
Elizabeth Penrose, Best News Photo
The Iowa College Media Association sponsors annual contests for member student publications and radio and television stations and production studios to promote journalism education and recognize excellence among Iowa's media students through competition.