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The BIG Dream Gathering


Grand View University will host The BIG Dream Gathering on Tuesday, September 25, 2012.

The BIG Dream Gathering is something that will inspire you to think about your big dreams and goals in life... and then get some help and inspiration to go after them!

Here is the schedule:
REGISTRATION: 6 to 6:30 pm

TALK: 6:30 to 7:15 pm

BIG Dream Gathering Co-Founder, Mitch Matthews will be kicking it off with an inspirational (and fun) talk about how the BDG got started and some of incredible dreams that have been launched because of it! Plus, he'll walk you through the logistics of how the BDG works.

DREAMING BIG: 7:15 pm to 9 pm (Stay for a bit or for the full time)

During this time Mitch will cut you loose to dream big and connect with other people in the room. It will be fun... inspiring... safe... and different from just about anything you've experienced before!

We've seen amazing things happen at these gatherings in the past and we know that Grand View and DSM is ready! In fact, we can't wait to see all the BIG dreams that will get launched as the result of this!


LOCATION: Johnson Student Wellness Center

Come to think about some of your own dreams and goals... and to inspire some big dreaming in others too!

View Crew interviewed members of the Grand View community on their big dreams.

Click HERE to RSVP on Facebook.

More information at http://www.bigdreamgathering.com/ and