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Grand View Library Launches Central Iowa Collaborative Collections Initiative


The library directors of Grand View University, Grinnell College, Drake University, Central College, and Simpson College officially announced the formation of the Central Iowa Collaborative Collections Initiative (CI-CCI) earlier this month.

Pam Rees, director of the Grand View University Library, and Teri Koch, collection development coordinator for Cowles Library at Drake University, first became interested in this collaboration while attending a conference in Charleston, N.C. where they had the opportunity to attend the session “Shared Print Monographs: Making It Work.” Since January, they have been working to develop a shared print initiative with college libraries in close geographic proximity to Des Moines.

This new initiative builds on the foundation of collaboration within the Iowa Private Academic Libraries (IPAL) consortium of which all CI-CCI colleges are members.

CI-CCI has four immediate goals:
• First, to responsibly reduce the size of local print collections by reducing duplication among the participating libraries so that library space may be freed up for other uses.
• Second, to create and maintain a distributed, shared collection of these titles to ensure that circulating copies of them are retained within the group.
• Third, to coordinate acquisitions with the goal of developing a shared collection among the participants to reduce duplication and to leverage acquisition funds.
• Fourth, to establish an environment where exploration and additional areas of collaboration can flourish.

“Given the ever increasing demands for space on both of our campuses, Teri and I could see the potential of an agreement of this type.  We started by approaching our respective administrations and expanded it to those institutions located in central Iowa,” says Reese.  “One of the indicators for success of a shared print collection is physical proximity.  The overall intent of the collaboration is to maximize each institution’s shelf space and leverage institutional dollars while simultaneously increasing student access to materials.”

The colleges will work together with a consultant to identify overlap in the collections and low-use titles. From there, the group will decide which items should be retained and where they should be held. As a result of this collaboration, students will have access to print materials at all five of the colleges involved with the initiative.

There are several aspects of this project that distinguish it from others of its type: the size of the institutions involved, the depth of the collaboration and perhaps the most unique element; the coordinated acquisitions.  Most of the shared print initiative to date involve very large institutions or a statewide collaboration; many of these types of arrangements only involve those items that are rarely or never checked out; finally, it is the intention of all participating libraries to share all items purchased starting this fall and make every effort not to purchase more than two copies of any item within the group.