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President Henning Delivers “State of the University” Address on YouTube


President Henning delivers his annual "State of Grand View University" address to the faculty and staff via video for the 2013-2014 academic year.

In the first segment, Henning provides an overview of the higher education environment and Grand View's place in that environment. Click here to view: http://youtu.be/3qxr2dCa7Og.

In the second segment, Henning highlight just a few advantages Grand View has in the current environment: Grand View has a passion for student success, Grand View offers a dynamic and holistic new core curriculum, and Grand View provides extensive student engagement and support opportunities. Click here to view: http://youtu.be/83HA1o5hVzY.

In the third segment, Henning summarizes Grand View's recent and upcoming efforts to build a vibrant campus community. Click here to view: http://youtu.be/MGl46Ouck_o.

In the fourth and final segment, Henning explains Grand View's plans to remain affordable and accessible to students. Click here to view: http://youtu.be/tN0NNaL03xQ.