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Current Undergraduate Students

dPod Living-Learning Community

A living-learning community to support first-year students in their successful transition through college and give students an edge on issues of diversity in the classroom and their career.

What is the dpod living-learning community?

The dPOD living-learning community is a group of first-year students from any major who live on the same residence hall floor and take a three-credit course together (SOC 105).  dPOD, which stands for Diversity–Place of Discovery, is a living-learning community designed for academically motivated and ambitious students who want to live in a quieter environment focused on learning and discovering more about issues of diversity.  Students learn to prioritize and manage their personal and academic life as well as build interpersonal relationships with peers, student life staff and community members.  The dPOD environment is a place of discovery where students can explore issues of diversity, serve the community, and have fun.

What are the benefits of living in dPOD?

  • Develop an instant network of support from peers and the dPOD sponsors.
  • Enroll in a three-credit course together.   
  • Have the opportunity to learn more about issues of diversity from leaders in the field and from your own experiences when serving the community.
  • Receive specialized support from the Multicultural and Community Outreach Office.

Who can live in dPOD?
Sophomore students from any major who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to living in a community focused on exploring issues of diversity. 

Is there a cost?
There is an additional $50 fee per semester to live in dPOD.  This fee will help cover the cost of guest lectures, social events, and SNACKS!!

Applications are due April 1, 2014
Click HERE to apply!

Questions? Contact:
Alex Piedras
Director of Multicultural and Community Outreach