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General Visitors

Grand View Experts

We are often asked for expert commentary and speakers on a variety of issues.  On this page you'll find faculty and staff with expertise in various fields who are willing to comment and speak on appropriate topics.  Please feel free to contact them directly by phone or email.

Art & Design

Cyndi Wiley 515-263-2893 (office) 515-943-9179 (cell)

  • Assistant Professor of Art & Design
  • User experience, design interaction, web design, mobile design, graphic design, graphic design education, using empathy in the design process

Troy Plummer 515-263-2813 (office) 515-770-7751 (home)

  • Athletic Director
  • College athletics
Business and Economics

Robert Ruisch 515-263-6170 (office) 515-321-8648 (cell)

  • Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Accounting

Shannon Juergens 515-263-6082 (office) 319-270-4709 (home) 319-270-4709 (cell)

  • Assistant Professor of Business
  • Business, management, human resources, strategic marketing, experiential learning, internship
Communication - Radio, TV, media

Stephen Winzenburg 515-263-2997 (office) 515-965-1092 (cell)

  • Professor of Communication
  • TV history and programming (sitcoms, talk shows, reality TV), the impact of media on children, religious broadcasting, radio programming, careers and the job search process, the Facebook generation at college
Financial Aid & Higher Education

Deb Barger  515-263-6012 (office) 515-979-2612 (home)

  • Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Admissions, financial aid, enrollment, higher education trends
Language, History & Culture

Kevin Gannon 515-263-6102 (office) 515-330-2741 (home) 515-371-8780 (cell)

  • Professor of History
  • US history, colonial era through early 20th century, including Civil War, Latin American history,  Marxism and radical movements

Josh Call 515-263-2904 (office) 515-554-6763 (cell)

  • Associate Professor of English
  • Composition/writing instruction, literacy, game studies, video games, new media

Dr. Paul Brooke 515-263-2929 (office) 515-232-8654 (home) 515-231-2136 (cell)

  • Professor of English
  • Creative writing, poetry, Contemporary American Literature, Plains Indian Culture, ornithology, photography, power-lifting (World Record Holder), publishing

John Lyden 515-263-6015 (office) 515-330-1487 (home) 402-415-4416 (cell)

  • Liberal Arts Core Director and Professor of Liberal Arts
  • Religion and film, religion and popular culture
Math and Computer Science

Kristin McCullough 515-263-6176 (office) 815-280-8928 (cell)

  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • General statistics and reliability

Dr. Sergio Loch 515-263-2922 (office) 515-252-1435 (home)

  • Professor of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Mathematics, statistics, Brazil, Latin America, Latin America politics, traveling
Media Relations, PR, Sports Information

Rachelle Mitchell 515-263-6024 (office)

  • Manager of Events and Publicity
  • University spokesperson

Rachelle can direct inquiries from the media to the appropriate people on campus if not listed on this page.

Social Sciences

Bryan McQuide 515-263-2993 (office) 208-301-8461 (cell)

  • Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • American politics, congress, presidency, interest group lobbying, state legislative politics, public policymaking, technology politics and policy, environmental policy

Cathy Beck-Cross 515-263-2969 (office) 515-986-9906 (home) 515-250-6980 (cell)

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Predictors of youth suicide, appropriate community and school response after a suicide