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School Counselors

Teaching and Learning

Grand View faculty are committed to teaching – and that means ensuring the success of the whole person for each student. The current faculty is a mixture of veterans with 20+ years teaching at Grand View and those new to the institution. They have reputations for innovative teaching, and for their skill at mentoring students from all walks of life. While many of them are also involved in research or other activity in their fields, their first priority is always their students.

Academic Programs
Grand View offers 40 majors leading to a bachelor’s degree. Each program emphasizes hands-on experience for students early in their program, with a career focus that allows students to explore, learn and grow while preparing for successful entry into the job market after graduation.

As early as the sophomore year, Grand View students are encouraged toward internships, although most wait until their junior or senior years. Because of the close relationship between Grand View and the Des Moines community, challenging internships are readily available in a wide variety of businesses, state and local government departments, non-profit service groups and arts organizations. Grand View’s internship director is available to student interns for assistance and counseling. In many majors, an internship is required for graduation.

Honors Programs
Grand View has two honors programs – the Logos program and ALT an honors magazine class for art and communication students.

Student Support Services
All students need a helping hand from time to time, some more than others.  Grand View has an array of services available, from counseling to tutoring to math lab and the writing center, as well as a full-time disability services coordinator.