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Families of Current Students

Parent Profile

Jerry and Melinda Collins

As Special Educators, crafting individualized programs for students resulting in future successes is a routine practice. We are pleasantly surprised and pleased that these plans take place in other areas of education, also – and even at the college level. We are watching this process evolve and are able to observe this happen first hand with our son, Tyler, a student at Grand View.

Tyler’s interest in Grand View started with communications from the athletic department. An avid golfer, he was given an opportunity to be a member of the GV golf team. Tyler knew he wanted to golf, and needing to take classes in some area was just a part of the package.

After spending three semesters in one major, Tyler realized that his initial interest was not his passion. Having no definite direction in mind, he accessed the Grand View Career Center for advice. From there, he was given interest and vocational inventories which provided him with several options and choices.

Tyler was matched with an advisor that had the expertise in his interest area, and was willing to take the time to share this information and expertise with him. She was motivated to help, and above all, made a personal connection with Tyler. With the direction of his advisor, Tyler discovered he would be able to apply his knowledge and passion for sports and fitness in a new chosen field of study.

This past summer, Tyler was offered an opportunity that sparked his interest. He was invited to participate in an internship with a local high school Athletic Director. Tyler was thrilled with the possibility! He immediately contacted his advisor. While this could not serve as his official internship, she was able to work out a schedule and receive approval to include this internship as an independent study component.

We have seen a new enthusiasm and excitement from our son. He is interested in school and is thrilled with the experience that he is receiving. As his advisor said, “I am enjoying working with Tyler and look forward to the weeks ahead as he continues to work in an area he sees as a possible career option and that appears to make his heart sing!”

Thank you for the special interest taken, and the flexibility of scheduling at Grand View. With this, our son has found a defined direction and has discovered a true passion.