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Families of Future Students

Looking at a Community College?

Many parents today investigate community colleges as an option for the first two years of their student’s education, primarily because they are less expensive than four-year colleges. While a community college is the right solution for some students – especially those in fields where the associate’s degree is the ultimate goal – there are strong reasons to consider starting at a four-year college if a bachelor’s degree is the student’s goal.

Graduation Rates. According to studies by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 73% of students who began their college education at a private four-year institution earned a degree within six years or less. For students beginning at four-year public institutions, that number is 60%. Thirty-six percent of students who began at a community college and went on to a four-year institution got a bachelor’s degree within six years or less.

Retention Rates. At four-year colleges, between 75% and 85% of freshmen return for their sophomore year. Approximately 53% of freshman who begin at a community college return for the next year.

Involvement. Most studies show that the more involved a student is in campus life, the more likely that student is to gain a degree. Four-year colleges have high rates of student involvement in athletics, clubs, and other activities, while community college students tend to be less involved in campus life.

Relationships with Faculty. Four-year private colleges like Grand View typically have a large number of experienced faculty. At Grand View, every student is assigned a faculty advisor who assists the student throughout his or her Grand View education, and other faculty are actively involved with a student’s success as well. Why does that make a difference? Permanent, long-term faculty develop strong and lasting relationships with students that often continue well into the student’s career. These faculty continue to be mentors and form a critical part of a graduate’s professional network.

If you and your student do decide that a community college is the right choice, we will welcome your student to Grand View to complete a bachelor’s degree as a transfer student. Most community college credits transfer to Grand View, up to 66 semester hours.