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Housing Sign-up Process and Forms

After your first year at Grand View, you are encouraged to participate in the Create Your Own Community housing assignment process to select friends you choose to live with in environments where you feel best suited.

Learn more about Residency Requirements and find the Housing Exemption form.

Housing Process

Housing at Grand View is limited; with more than 800 students on campus, the demand is extremely high. It is very important to meet submission deadlines for paperwork as room assignments are made based on the date we receive your $100 enrollment deposit, Housing and Meal Contract, and $200 housing deposit.

Housing is a three step process:

1.     Pay a non-refundable $100 enrollment deposit.  You may pay online or by mailing a check to the Admissions Office, 1200 Grandview Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50316.

2.     After we receive your $100 enrollment deposit you will be emailed information to access the online housing contract.  Please take the time to review the terms and conditions of this agreement.

3.     Complete the online housing contract and submit the $200 housing deposit to the Admissions Office.  You may also pay your housing deposit online.

The earlier that both deposits and the housing contract are received the better chance you will have to obtain your preferred housing choice.  Student preferences are more likely to be met if paperwork is submitted prior to May 1 (for fall incoming). Student preference isn't as likely when students are incoming for the spring term.

Cancellation of a signed and submitted Housing and Meal Contract and a full refund of the $200 housing deposit can occur through July 1 (for incoming fall) and November 15 (for incoming spring) if done in writing and submitted to the Admissions Office.  Cancellations after July 1 (for incoming fall) or November 15 (for incoming spring) or “no shows” upon move-in will result in forfeiture of the $200 housing deposit.

Housing assignments will be mailed around June 20 (for incoming fall) or November 1 (for incoming spring).

If you have any questions please contact Adam Demers, Director of Residence Life, at 515-263-2886 or via email at ademers@grandview.edu.

What should I bring?

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