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Alternative Measures of Quality

Determining the “quality” of a college is a challenging and somewhat subjective process. So what else might you look at, in addition to college rankings?

Mission Fulfillment
Almost all colleges have a mission, and those missions vary widely from one college to another. A measure of quality and success is how well the institution fulfills its own mission. In other words, how well do we do what we set out to do?

You can find the Grand View mission statement under Quick Links on this website (About Us). We encourage you to read and absorb it. In very short summary, our mission is to Engage, Equip and Empower students from all walks of life for what lies ahead. One of the strongest measures we use in determining our mission-driven success is whether our graduates are successful and satisfied in their chosen careers.

And we’re very proud of the results. Each year for more than a decade and a half, nearly 100% of our graduates were “placed” or went on to graduate school within six months of graduation. This is such an important measure of quality for us that we call and interview every single graduate, rather than sending a survey to which only a small portion respond. Click here for the most recent report.

We also conduct surveys regularly to gauge the lifelong success of our alumni. Among one of the measures we look at, approximately 37% of our alumni report earning a graduate degree.

National Survey of Student Engagement
Another measure that more parents and counselors are becoming aware of is the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE or “Nessie”). Approximately 1,000 college and universities participate each year.

To find out more about NSSE at Grand View and see our most recent scores, go to the Student Engagement at Grand View link under Academic Quality. 

For more information about NSSE, please take a look at the NSSE Project website