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Art Education

The Art Education curriculum prepares you to be an ethical and reflective teacher of excellence in public and private schools. It combines a strong liberal arts background with rigorous professional and artistic development. The apprenticeship model requires extensive practical experience in public and private school classrooms in preparation for the final semester of student teaching.

You'll choose a studio area to study in depth -- drawing, painting or graphic design.  You'll learn and be able to demonstrate best practices in the teaching of Art and as a teacher, bring to your students your passion for art and your own love of learning.

After satisfying the pre-education requirements, you'll apply for admission to the formal education program. You must earn a minimum 3.0 GPA in courses required for the major and a minimum 3.0 GPA in courses required for the complementary endorsements.

Admission requirements include: a minimum 2.5 grade point average in pre-education curriculum; no D grades in pre-education curriculum; successful completion of the English proficiency requirement; successful completion of the PRAXIS I/Pre-Professional Skills Test and satisfactory references.

Upon successful completion of the required curriculum of 130 credits, you are recommended to the State of Iowa Board of Educational Examiners for licensure in Elementary Education.

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Courses and Requirements

Prerequisite courses for admission to teacher education, one year prescribed pre-education program including: Grade B or better

  • First year composition
  • Introduction to Speech Communication
  • Introduction to Education
  • Engaging All Learners
  • Planning and Assessment for Art, Music and Physical Education
  • Human Relations Training
  • Human Development  

Grade of C or better

  • General Psychology  

And one of the following 3:

  • Intermediate Algebra OR 
  • Survey of Math with Applications OR
  • Finite Mathematics 
  • A science course

Prerequisite Courses:

  • Foundations of Drawing I  
  • Foundations of Drawing II
  • Principles of Design I
  • Principles of Design II
  • General Psychology
  • Introduction to Speech Communication

Courses Required of All Art Education Majors

  • Introduction to Education
  • Engaging All Learners
  • Planning and Assessment for Art, Music and Physical Education
  • Human Relations Training
  • Human Development
  • Psychology of Exceptional Children
  • Art Methods for Elementary Schools
  • Art Methods for Secondary Schools

Select one of the following two:

  • Vector Graphics OR
  • Digital Imaging

Select one of the following two:

  • Education Practicum: Primary Elementary OR
  • Education Practicum: Intermediate

Select one of the following two:

  • Education Practicum: Middle School OR
  • Education Practicum: High School

Take one course of the following two:

  • Elementary Classroom Management OR
  • Secondary Classroom Management

Take both:

  • Elementary Student Teaching
  • Secondary Student Teaching

9 credits from the following five courses:

  • Survey of the History of Art I
  • Survey of the History of Art II
  • The History of Graphic Design
  • Nineteenth Century Art History
  • Twentieth Century Art History

12 hours studio courses selected from one of the three studio groups listed below:

  • Painting Techniques I
  • Painting Techniques II
  • Intermediate Painting I
  • Intermediate Painting II


  • Drawing Problems I
  • Drawing Problems II
  • Life Drawing I
  • Life Drawing II


  • Typography
  • Business of Graphic Design
  • Beginning Graphic Design
  • Intermediate Graphic Design

Also, 6 hours of 2-D studio classes and 6 hours of 3-D studio classes. These courses need to be approved by your advisor.

For detailed course descriptions, please go to the current catalog HERE.


One of the strengths of Grand View’s program is the practical, in-school experiences required and available to education students. Grand View’s location in Des Moines allows opportunity for these field experiences in the many neighborhood schools in the metro area and in the surrounding suburban and small community school districts.

Grand View has strong professional connections with many area school districts. Students have student taught at Des Moines Public Schools, Ankeny schools, Dallas Center/Grimes and in many other area school districts.


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