Iowa Seal of Biliteracy

Grand View University recognizes the increasing demand for bilingual teachers who will positively impact our schools and communities. The state of Iowa approved the Seal of Biliteracy last fall, meaning high school students who speak multiple languages proficiently can have the seal added to their transcript. Grand View University is now offering college credit for students who have earned the seal.

Students who have earned the Seal of Biliteracy may receive up to 8 credit hours from the Modern Languages department at Grand View University. Students who have attained proficiency in Spanish or French will receive 8 credits for SPAN 101/FREN 101 (Spanish I/French I) and SPAN/FREN 102 (Spanish II/French II). To earn this credit, students must first take any other Modern Languages course (minimum of three credits) at Grand View.

Students who have proficiency in a different language will receive eight elective credits. Please note that duplicate credit will not be awarded if the student already has dual-enrollment, CLEP, AP, or other credit for their language skills.

To qualify, students should make sure their transcript includes the seal when applying for admission to Grand View.

For more information, visit Iowa Department of Education's website.