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True Friends
10509 108th ST NW
Annandale , MN  55302
Job Title:
Transportation Manager / Weekend Host
Job Type:
Summer Employment
Hours Per Week:
Position Start Date:
Pay Rate:
200/week, includes room &board and meal
How To Apply:
Please download your application at The seasonal jobs are listed on the webpage. Click the “APPLY” bu
Contact Name:
Jon Salmon  
952 852 0123
Job Description:
Responsibilities: 1. Manage transportation and communicate with other leaders for all staff and volunteers transport to and from airport, train station and bus station upon arrival and departure from camp and will be a driver for many of these trips. 2. Works with HR leader to ensure that staff are welcomed upon arrival at camp and given a tour of site. Help to familiarize staff with their living space, dining hall, laundry facilities, staff lounge, computer/phone access, location of meetings/orientation that they are scheduled to attend. Introduces new staff members to leadership staff and colleagues. 3. Manage and provide transportation for campers on Sundays and Fridays in connection with leadership staff. Complete check-in process with caregivers upon pick-up. 4. During the weekends acts as host and informational contact for seasonal staff. Will check in with staff who are sleeping at camp on the weekend to see if they need anything. 5. Manages and provides a weekly evening staff social activity. Coordinates with program leaders and leadership staff for planning. 6. Assists HR leader to communicate with staff members via phone or email regarding their travel plans to camp and check in during camp for their departure plans. 7. Manages and provides transportation for staff who are working between FV sites. Coordinates with other leaders to ensure that staff are picked up/dropped off at the site they are working at on Fridays and Sundays and that someone is there to greet them. 8. Responsible to ensure the staff lounge is kept tidy and stocked. 9. Assists with staff appreciation to ensure staff are being recognized and feedback is being passed on. Connects with staff members to ask for ideas of new ways to recognize seasonal staff. 10. Plans, coordinates and provides transportation for weekend staff activities off camp including a larger trip on Saturday and runs to supply stores. 11. Assists with transportation for clinic and ER runs. 12. Assists with transportation for day trips with Day Trip Leader, and Special Interest Leader. 13. Drives hayrides. 14. Available during weekend to assist in dealing with staff medical emergencies or important transportation needs. 15. Performs relief counseling duties in cabins as required. 16. Assists with Sunday check-in and Friday check-out at camp as needed. 17. Follows company vehicle policy and maintains clean & safe vehicles. Communicates with Maintenance department regarding vehicle condition. 18. To perform any miscellaneous duties as requested by administrative staff.
Job Qualifications:
Job Requirements: The transportation manager/weekend host should be a college student or graduate and at least 21 years of age. Hold a valid U.S. driver license, and has a clean driver’s record with no more than one moving violation within the past three years. Preferred knowledge of local area or willingness to navigate around city and rural areas. Live in position.