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Grand View Student Presents at Alpha Chi Conference


Grand View student Ella Heinicke was invited to go to Nashville, TN, to present at the annual national Alpha Chi conference this past weekend. Alpha Chi is a national honors society that recognizes undergraduate and graduate students for their academic achievement. The national conferences are centered on student academic achievement and scholarly endeavors. Undergraduate and graduate students from Alpha Chi chapters around the country are invited to participate in this event. About 500 students attended with 250 student presentations, topics ranging from art and creative writing to research projects in a variety of topics. 

Ella presented a student conducted experiment from her physiology class on arginine and the physiological effects on skeletal muscle. When asked about her experience she said, “I had a wonderful time in Nashville, it is a really fun city. The convention was a real eye opener too. The caliber of the presentations and achievement that many of these students have already accomplished was really impressive. I would recommend being involved in Alpha Chi and going to these national conferences for growth and it is also a great resume builder.”

To become a member of Grand View’s Alpha Chi chapter, you need to be a junior or senior and be ranked at the top ten percent of the class. If you are already a member and would be interested in presenting your project at the national conference next spring, please contact Assistant Professor Dmitry Yarushkin, advisor to GV’s chapter of Alpha Chi. Ella Heinicke is also available to answer any questions involving Alpha Chi or the conference. You can reach her at ella.heinicke@grandview.edu.