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Grand View and Des Moines Social Club Partner for the Arts


The Des Moines Social Club and Grand View University are proud to announce a partnership in which Grand View University will sponsor The Viaduct Gallery at the Des Moines Social Club’s new downtown Des Moines firehouse location.

“The level of excitement between DMSC and Grand View is very high,” says Des Moines Social Club executive director Zachary Mannheimer. “What will transpire from the two organizations teaming together will take Des Moines visual arts to a whole new level.”

The two Des Moines community pillars begin a relationship that promises to facilitate further growth within the Des Moines art scene. As outlined in their initial 5 year agreement, the Des Moines Social Club will provide Grand View students with the opportunity to manage and operate the gallery alongside professional local artists within its new facility.

This symbiotic partnership will allow Grand View University to further cement its reputation as one of the top Midwestern universities committed to visual arts. The Des Moines Social Club will in turn continue to be a champion of the Des Moines arts as it taps into the emerging local talent offered by the local liberal arts university.

“It’s truly amazing what our students stand to benefit from this collaboration. They have the opportunity to establish a presence in a major downtown gallery space, and that’s not something most students can experience via their university,” said Grand View University President Kent Henning.

Aside from strengthening the status of its visual arts, the city of Des Moines braces for a certain boost in retention of its locally educated future artists and artistic professionals. The Viaduct also promises to attract fresh new talent to the Des Moines community.

To learn more about the Viaduct and the partnership between the Des Moines Social Club and Grand View University, please visit http://socialcluburl/news.

About the Des Moines Social Club
The Des Moines Social Club is a non-profit organization that delivers thought-provoking theater, creative classes for all ages, and supports and promotes local artists.

Des Moines Social Club’s vision is to the build a premier arts institution that fosters the social change, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that revitalizes our city. They provide a creative environment that is necessary for the recruitment and retention of professional talent for the employers in Central Iowa, as well as a home for local artists of all disciplines to share and create their work. The Des Moines Social Club formed in 2007 and is currently located at 400 Walnut Street. Learn more at http://desmoinessocialclub.org.