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New York Life Insurance Company
4900 University Ave Ste 225
West Des Moines, IA  50266
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Full Time
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Nathan Clark  
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Partner With Us and See Your Career Grow We think you'll agree that choosing or changing a career is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Careers are a livelihood and a lifestyle. They help define how other people see us and, more importantly, how we see ourselves. Are you ready to launch a career and not settle for just another job? Do you see yourself running your own business, complete with all the challenges, financial rewards, and personal satisfaction that such an enterprise can bring? If so, you owe it to yourself to consider a career with New York Life Insurance Company as your partner. Bring Your Career To Life: -Manage your own work schedule and establish an attractive work/life balance -Leverage New York Life's extensive personnel resources and technological tools -Work independently - with the opportunity to be in business for yourself but not by yourself -Partner with a leading company in agent development, as indicated by our 50-plus years of leadership in qualifying members for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table -Enjoy continuous personal and professional growth with a wide range of paths as an agent and businessperson -Qualify for the opportunity to follow a clearly defined path into management throughout the company -Achieve your financial goals based upon your ability -Realize benefits of a compensation program that helps put you in control and provides for your retirement with a traditional pension plan -Make a difference in your community by providing security and peace of mind to the families and businesses that you will serve through New York Life's products and services So tell me, what does an agent actually do? An agent is all about helping people assess and achieve their financial goals. You will find clients, meet with them, gather information about their financial situations and create solutions that meet their needs. You'll have to be a good listener, stay well-informed, care about the clients you serve, and build relationships built on trust. If you can do these things, you're on your way. The point about building relationships is especially important because relationships don't end when the sale is made. In fact, they can last for a lifetime. By staying in touch and developing deeper relationships with your clients, you will be there for them as their families and businesses grow, and their financial needs and goals change. Through strong relationships and networking withing your community and clientele, your reputation and prestige will grow along with your business and income. You will transition from simply achieving success as a professional to living a life of significance as you create a legacy for future generations. Is there really a lot of business opportunity in this type of work? Absolutely! Throughout the United States, financial services are in huge demand. And it's no surprise. As a New York Life agent, you'll help guide people through some of the toughest financial issues any of us ever face. We're talking about basic financial challenges: How will I pay for my retirement? Will I have enough money to send my children to college? What happens to my family and business if I die prematurely or sustain a chronic illness? Given disappearing corporate pensions and the pressures on Social Security, people need more than ever to see help from financial service professionals - especially given the many choices in the marketplace. Just look at the demographics of the United States. The retiring Baby Boom generation, growing immigrant population and underserved markets throughout the country all need the services we provide. Add to that our existing customer base of some 6 million clients and you can see that opportunities here are never in short supply. Who needs the products and services we offer? Practically everyone. The opportunity in the marketplace is enormous. Some of our leading agents live in rural communities of less than 5,000 households, yet maintain incomes in excess of seven figures. We will help you succeed as a new agent with a goal of helping you build relationships with 100 new clients a year. You can choose the markets you serve and build your practice as fast as you want. With the New York Life brand and reputation in the marketplace, the primary challenge you will face is your ability to grow and manage your business opportunity. The strength of the New York Life management team and development program is there to provide you a proven process to achieve your full potential.
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