Employment Opportunities

Position Posted On:
Old Dominion Freight Line
6925 SE Four Mile Drive
Ankeny, IA  50021

Job Title:
Dock Worker
Job Type:
Summer Employment
Part Time
Hours Per Week:
Up to 30 hours per week
Position Start Date:
Contact us for more information
Pay Rate:
$13.15 per hour
How To Apply:
Apply in person at 6925 SE Four Mile Drive, Ankeny, IA 50021 No phone calls please
Contact Name:
Jim Driscoll  
Job Description:
Claims free handling of freight utilizing various freight moving tools and techniques. This is NOT strictly a summer position, may possibly develop in to a full time position based on perfomance and freight levels.
Job Qualifications:
Eligibility Requirements 1.Must be able to read, write and speak English 2.Must be able to complete company and governmental forms and comprehend written company policies and governmental regulations. 3.Must have the ability to properly operate hand held mini-computer when needed. 4.Must have working knowledge of safe and efficient lifting and transporting procedures. 5.Must have working knowledge of procedures surrounding all aspects of freight transportation. 6.Must have knowledge of different loading techniques such as loading tight and cross loading. 7.Familiarity with, and in some cases ability, to complete the various forms utilized in freight movement such as shipping orders, city stripping manifests, freight bills, overage/damage movement reports and exception forms. 8.Ability to utilize the dock yard management system permitting consistent monitoring of shipment locations as freight moves through the various terminals. 9.Must be available for work at all times in order to meet customer pickup and delivery schedules. Physical Requirements 1.Must be able to remain standing and/or walking for a minimum of 8 hours per day, five to seven days per week. 2.Must be able to walk on non- forgiving surfaces such as concrete, wood and metal and sometimes on wet and slippery surfaces. 3.Must be able to bend, twist, climb and move about easily in small spaces. 4.Must be able to lift objects weighing in excess of 100 lbs. 5.Must be able to perform frequent pulling and pushing of freight with or without the help of freight pulling equipment. 6.Must be able to frequently reach for freight at waist level and occasionally reach for freight above shoulder height or below waist level. 7.Must be able to load and unload full trailers of freight weighing as much as 50,000 lbs. This could involve for example moving 100lb containers to and from floor level to carts, stacks or platforms over 4 feet high, balancing 300 lb. drums on their rims and rolling them into positions or stowing cartons or other merchandise overhead that weigh as much as 100 lbs. each.