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True Friends
10509 108th ST NW
Annandale , MN  55302
Job Title:
Cabin Coordinator
Job Type:
Summer Employment
Hours Per Week:
Position Start Date:
Pay Rate:
200/week, includes room &board and meal
How To Apply:
Please download your application at The seasonal jobs are listed on the webpage. Click the “APPLY” bu
Contact Name:
Jon Salmon  
952 852 0123
Job Description:
Responsibilities to: Campers • Provide a safe and fun camp experience. • Before the beginning of each session, assign both campers and counselors to their respective cabins. Before each session, review camper's applications and medical forms with the Health Center staff and Cabin Leaders. At the beginning of each session, arrange a general watch schedule and staff night out schedule. Communicate problems/concerns the cabin groups are experiencing to the appropriate supervisor as assigned in an expedient and accurate manner. • Act as liaison for caregivers and counselors, in supporting campers. • Read, assess and follow up on camper written and verbal reports such as “Report to caregivers” and “Behavior logs”. Work with cabin staff to take actions to decrease the chances of re-occurrence. Report information to supervisor and complete the report. • Read, assess and process the end of the week Experience Summary. Provide guidance, and feed back to village staff. • Record certain participant information (placements, red flags, caregiver concern, etc.) by relaying it to a supervisor in a written document so it can be entered into that person's camp file. • In a timely manner will process of returning misplaced personal property of clientele after attending. Assist laundry staff in monitoring care of client clothing. • Response to camper / caregiver “Experience Surveys” as assigned by the Program Director / Manager. • Assist with staff training. Responsible for conduct and welfare of Cabin Leaders, Counselors and campers. • Responsible for the cabin assignments of all Village staff. Provide variety of experiences and determine teams that work well together. Responsible for problem solving and team building for cabin staff. • Supervision and support to all cabin staff. Provide daily support and encouragement by helping in the cabin, problems solving, promoting team work and open communication. • Conduct staff evaluations with the assistance of the Program Supervisor and (Assistant) Program Manager. Conduct post-camp evaluations and recommendations.Responsible for performance evaluations of cabin staff. Observe their interactions with other cabin staff and participants. Offer feedback, suggestions in a supportive and timely manner. • Responsible for the scheduling time-off for cabin staff • Ensure that established organizational structures, systems and processes are adhered to by staff under his/her supervision. • Assist with directing camp clean-up, assist in changeovers • Work with Program Coordinator in the planning and implantation of all staff meetings weekly
Job Qualifications:
Job Requirements: The Cabin Supervisor is responsible for overseeing all issues related to Cabin Life. The Cabin Supervisor works as part of the Leadership team with the Program Supervisor and the Program Manager/Director. He/she is accountable for camper wellness, safety, adjustment, welfare and growth while at camp. In general, the job consists of handling all immediate issues related to Camp Life which do not require the direct attention of the Program Manager/Director. Must be 21 years of age.